A downloadable game

This is my first game entry for the Indie Game-Making Contest 2018. As this is a prototype of the game, there are many areas that are yet to be completed, and some  of the graphics, audio are only used as placeholders.  

(Unfortunately, as a requirement for the submission, the game is only available as a Windows application. Additionally, having only a Macbook meant the only way I could upload all the files was to make it an zip file. Apologies for that.).  :(

Side Note: When extracting the zip. file, if asked to extract the Background Music credits, skip it. That is the only item that doesn't need extracting.

PS: I highly doubt I will come back to work on this game again. It was a good practice and experimental trial that gave me lots of experience, but this is only made for the event. Now,I'm going to work on the final, full version of this game! :D In the meantime, if you did play the game, tell me what you think about it. Did you enjoy it? Is there anything that I can improve? Let me know!


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As a game inspired by the likes of the Mother Series, how did you think I did?

Please enjoy the game,I put a lot of work into it :).